How to protect your plants from surprise spring freezes

With North Dakota's wild weather throwing us for another loop in the last week of April, it's the perfect time to learn how to protect your plants from frost. When the temperature drops below 28° at night, use these quick tips to beat the freeze and keep your foliage and blossoms in tact.

  1. Bring frost-tender potted plants indoors.
  2. If rain isn't in the forecast, water deeply a day or so before the freeze. Plants that have plenty of water will be better able to fight off a freeze.
  3. Mulch your plants but keep a distance around their roots.
  4. Cover smaller plants and sprouts with upside down buckets, straw or newspapers.
  5. Use towels or old sheets and blankets to cover shrubs and trees.
  6. Remove coverings by mid-morning.

Did you know there are ways to design your yard that can help protect your plants from these sudden spring freezes? Give us a call to learn more!