DIY Mother's Day water feature

The clock's ticking until Mother's Day and if you've been wanting do something unique for the mom in your life (that goes beyond a bouquet of flowers) we have the perfect, quick and inexpensive gift that she will love!

DIY: Bubbling water feature

Here's what you'll need:

  • A pot of your choice (you can use more than one or one you already have laying around the garage)
  • A drill and bit
  • A variety of river rocks or bag of pea gravel (notice: photo below uses just river rocks and stones)
  • A submersible pump and clear vinyl tubing the same size as your pump
  • If you want to use multiple pots in your water feature, you'll need a brick or cinder block for the smaller pot to sit on
  • Silicone caulking
Roots bubbling water feature

step 1

Drill a hole at the bottom of your pot just big enough for your pump's power cord. If you plan to hide the cords under mulch, take precautions to make your electrical wires water resistant.

step 2

If you choose to make your feature look like the picture above, place the pump inside the pot with the vinyl tubing reaching up to the opening of the pot.

If you prefer a smaller pot stacked inside of a larger pot, use your brick/cinder block to give the smaller pot some height. You'll also need to repeat Step 1 to feed in the vinyl tubing from the pump.

Medium-sized stones can be helpful to prop the vinyl tubing upright. The end of the tube should reach just below the water line.

step 3

Seal the drilled holes with silicone caulking. Wait for it to dry (may take 1 to 2 days).

step 4

Fill in your rocks and gravel around the feature to create a nice display, fill the pot full of water using a hose and enjoy!

Depending on how often you run your water feature, will need to refill the pot from time to time.