How to care for your hydroseeded yard

Before your new grass starts growing in, get up to speed on how to properly care for your hydroseeded lawn. By following these steps, you can have healthy green grass in no time!


  • Frequent watering is essential to keep moisture in the soil.
  • Hot days may require 3-4 waterings per day. Cold days may need only one.
  • Reduce frequency of watering to 1-3 times per week after your first or second mowing.


  • Follow the 1/3 Rule: cut no more than one-third of the grass height.


  • Hydroseed application contains fertilizer, but will need added fertilizer after a few weeks.
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer with sufficient water.

Weed Control

  • Weeds are likely to grow, even though your hydroseed application does not include them.
  • Mowing will help control weeds.
  • After your fourth mowing, weed control can be used in problem areas.

Pet and Foot Traffic

  • Try to limit any foot traffic to just watering purposes.
  • Keep big dogs away until your first mowing.
For more detailed instructions, just download this handout. Print it out and keep it next to your yard supplies as a reference whenever questions pop up. And, of course, don't hesitate to call us!