Design a flower bed with these 4 tips

The good news is there really isn't any wrong way to design flower beds around your home! As long as you're happy with your beds, that's all that matters. But, take these four tips into consideration to help steer you down the right path. Want more expert advice? Call Roots and we can help you design beautiful accents to your home.

1. Select proportions and placement

Your first step should be thinking about how big your flower beds will be and where you want to place them. Are you going for a formal style, with geometric patterns, or an informal style, with free-flowing shapes? You may want more depth for a longer bed; and less depth for a smaller one. Think about placing your beds in a position where they can benefit from a strong backdrop or framing a street corner. Avoid placing flower beds in a usable space for outdoor recreation.

2. Pick colors, textures, & blooms

For a nice variation in your bed, look at flowers of different colors and contrasting textures. Or, for a more manicured look, choose colors and textures that complement each other. As you choose your flowers, be sure to pay attention to the time of the year they bloom. For yearlong results, be sure to choose plants and flowers that thrive in different seasons.

3. Varying sizes

We like to make sure every flower bed features plants, flowers or trees of different heights. This will add dimension to your bed. You may also choose a focal point for your bed, which could be a unique plant, fountain or blooming tree. If so, you can draw attention to this piece by mixing the heights and widths of other elements in the bed.

4. Plant in clusters

Many plants and flowers look best when planted in clusters of three or five. If you want to draw attention to the colors of your plants, be sure you have planted enough of them to stand out. This rule generally doesn't apply to most shrubs and, of course, trees.