Here's what you need to know about landscaping in fall

It's officially fall in North Dakota! With the temperatures cooling and rain returning to forecasts, this is the ideal time to get some important work done on your yard before everything goes dormant for the winter. With our unpredictable weather, we're giving you the quick details on fall landscaping steps so you can take care of the necessary steps before the frost arrives.

Fertilize the lawn

If you only fertilize once a year, we strongly suggest you do it in the fall. It will help strong grass roots grow deep and maintain nutrients so your lawn will bounce back in spring. Check out our fall fertilization post for more details and the best conditions.

Do some cleaning up

Rake up leaves, trim dead limbs and pull dead blooms. Not only will it save you from looking at dead landscaping throughout the winter, it can also deter rotting from the cover of dead leaves on the lawn or flower beds. Plus, you're in for a beautiful view when everything wakes up again.


You'll notice your lawn requires less mowing as the fall continues and grass grows at a slower rate, but this is no excuse to put the mower away for the winter. Maintain mowing as needed, and be sure your final mow leaves the blade at about 1 1/4 inches. This will help the grass avoid disease and weeds come springtime.

Do some planting

Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. We recommend late September to early October as the prime time to make additions to the yard. Take advantage of local nurseries' autumn sales. Before planting perennials, water the soil thoroughly. Do another thorough watering after planting, to reduce air pockets in the soil. This will add some protection over the winter.

A little attention on your yard now will pay off big time in the spring!